Don’t kill yourself over someone: Fact, your someone prayers.

The hardest thing anyone could face through is forgetting someone who you’ve loved with everything within you. Yeah, it’s gonna make you reply depressed frustrated until you think nothing really matters anymore, but honestly, emotions are overrated. We all get to choose what we want to feel. Most of us let out emotions get the best of us which will lead you down a road you may not get out anymore.oThere’s this guy who has been in love and a really a strong one. Both the guy and his girl were so happy with each other, and there goes the promises of never giving up no matter what happens and the future promises of spending their life’s together forever. But nature always have it’s way of testing that which is called love. You can’t just wake up and claim you love someone without actually showing you really do. So, the guy and his girl traveled to different places giving birth to distant relationship which is a grand test to test two lovers if the so claimed love is really what it is. Surprisdly, the relationship everyone thought it would actually last didn’t even last up to two months before crashing down to it’s feet. But the guy never gave up, he keeps going back to ask for a second chance but can’t it. And this makes the guy have regrets because back in the days, he cant really count how many times his given the girl second chnaces. He tolerates her altitude, insults and waits for her patiently to change, he never ever gave up on her but the one chance he asks for a second chance to prove to the world how powerful love could be to resist the temptations of distant relationship. He remembers the promises made by the girl that she would never leave him and always be ready to give second chances. He remembers the future promises which he has vowed to keep no matter what. He remembers the favorite quote of the girl, ” distance can never be a barrier “, but shocking enough, she tells him that she doesn’t really believes in distance relationship anymore and actually she needs someone to see and to touch but yet she still claims she loves him, how ironic can that become. This baths the guy with so much anger of having wasted his years with her. And possibly his heart gets hardened and he finally decides to move on. Human beings can bring out the worst in people. Life is too short to live your life under the influence of someone all in the name of love. We can’t all expect dreamed or desired things to happen to us.

Believe me, nature works in mysterious ways. It has a way of taking out the someone from your life and replacing it with someone who suites you. We shouldn’t take all misfortunes as a mistake. It simply means, the guy or the girl ain’t meant for you. Life’s no fairytale with happy endings but a series of moments that defines our happiness. Love is like a switch, and the same way it is being turned on, that’s the same you can switch it off and believe me once it is switched off it is hardly possible to turn on such switch again.

We should all learn to live out lives to the fullest, dwelling with people that actually makes us happy and makes us feel special. If one can’t ensure a little distance and gets tired in the middle of it or looses interest along the line, such person never loved you at all. But if someone can tolerate all odds even though it would be the most painful experience on earth to make sure he/she has a future with you is definitely worth it. Who doesn’t want a partner that lives so close to us, a partner we get to see everyday. But definitely along the line, you may eventually get tired of seeing such person. Get tired of kissing or doing any romantic stuff with such person and such guy or girl may tend to cheat. But there’s no greater joy that comes with surviving the distance relationship with your partner and you guys finally get to settle down. And there’s really nothing on earth that can seperate them cos they’ve faced the worst and survived.

If you really claim to love someone. Nothing at all can hinder such love from fading away not even distance itself. In all love is patient and enduring. But everything has an elastic limit even love itself.

The Valkri by Alex Favour.

I think you’d like this story: “The Valkri” by Alex_Favour. This novel is filled with lots of action, romance and tension based. It’s really interesting.

April Fool 😩: Getting pranked sucks bad

All through my life, even at this moment I fear upon a day which makes me wanna bury myself underground and never surface till it passes. This day has traumatized my little being ever since I was a little baby. How could you switch a baby at birth and later when his five, you come around with the real baby and said it was just a prank, that you want your child back. Hilariously right?.

First of April has always been my worst leading to several and several of traumatizing memories led by my siblings to torment my innocent life. From letting a pregnant spider lay it’s egg on my bed at night with its trillion babies climbing through my legs into places I don’t wanna mention about, but yeah, they entered such places, and then at the end, they will say April Fool?. The heck?. Not just that, you could imagine getting pranked by your best friend who you innocently told about your secret crush who you’ve never ever had the balls to approach to and then he invites the lady unknowingly to your house inside your bedroom and boom she sees you struggling with your boxers.

First of April has always been my worst leading to several and several of traumatizing memories led by my siblings to torment my innocent life. From letting a pregnant spider lay it’s egg on my bed at night with its trillion babies climbing through my legs into places I don’t wanna mention about, but yeah, they entered such places, and then at the end, they will say April Fool?. The heck?. Not just that, you could imagine getting pranked by your best friend who you innocently told about your secret crush who you’ve never ever had the balls to approach to and then he invites the lady unknowingly to your house inside your bedroom and boom she sees you struggling with your boxers.

Even my mum followed to traumatize my life, yeah, I was just six and my mum finished dressing me up, then she started using some brush on my face which innocent me then couldn’t figure out what it was. Until I reached for school and everyone started laughing, not until my crush came around and told me I looked like a clown😩.

I could swear that I saw a beast in my room at night when I was just six. A little harmless boy having his peaceful and quiet rest almost had a heart attack when his annoying siblings decides to wear creepy costumes sneaking under his bed and decide to scare the shit out of him. Yeah, that happened.

My silly friends ganged up, walked up to me and told me I lost my girlfriend, and you know the funny part, they were seriously in tears which made me believe. And it almost led me to a heart attack cos I couldn’t stand the pain of loosing her. But yet, she was the head of the prank.

Not until today, my very friend who I thought was more holier than Jesus sent me porn. I couldn’t believe my eyes until I downloaded it and found out that it was april Fool written on it.

I’m not saying it’s not cool partaking in pranking someone. It’s only cool when I get to prank it and see the shocked expression written on the victim’s face. Maybe that’s why, nature has vowed that I must be pranked every first of April 😩.

But today shall not pass me by.

Happy April Fool.

Is She The One.

I have this friend, a guy, who is handsome that girl’s litterally drip in sight of him. He hangs out with them mostly and is always seen around them. But this guy met someone who he crushed on so deeply that her sight could melt his heart at an instant. But funny enough, the girl never gives him attention and doesnt give a fuck about him. And strange enough his always short of words whenever his around her. A guy whose never ever out of words. I guess his superpowers is in his tongue. Cos if this guy should flirt with you, be assured your right where he wants you to be.

So he finally gets to hang out with her and boom she falls in love with him. And she’s really the only girl his ever loved for a long time now. But for the few couple of weeks, the love went on being so nice and sweet but later on things began falling apart. She started with complains about why his always attracted to girls and stopped trusting him. So instead she decides to be sneaking up on him unnoticed to find out if his cheating or not. Then she notices an attachment between the guy and a girl. So she decides to go close to the girl inorder to go through her chats with him. And trust guys, even though we’re totally committed to a relationship, we get to flatter once in a while with other girls because we like complimenting on beautiful things. So the chat breaks her heart and she starts throwing up altitude, ignoring his text and calls. Then the guy finally approaches her and asked the hell’s going on. Then she starts with him being so selfish and inconsiderate. And yeah, pretty much, her mind was just based on the fact that he’s every girl’s crush. Her words really pierced his heart but instead of the guy to react on her going through someone’s chat just to check if his cheating and the fact of her not trusting him at all. But rather he chose to apologise, trying his best to make her understand. Now here’s the fun part, the guy who’s always so friendly with the ladies stops his old life style and decides to mind his business. He stops going to gatherings where the ladies are. He stops chatting most of them up, he stops anything that would make his love to get jealous. But she doesn’t realize that.

Now let’s stop here for a bit. It is true that girls in a relationship are mostly the jealous type yeah, and they have this inbuilt insecurities within them that makes them think, “ who’s he with, what’s he doing, who’s he talking to or has he started loosing interest ” and stuff like that. And they get over worried when they notice his hanging out with his bestie or someone his very close too. They might even start growing mutual hatred for the lady. But really, guys are like tiny ants that moves around, hangs out alot but at the end very loyal to their queen. For a guy to really be in love with you and proves it occasionally, he really means it, cos believe me, it’s really hard for a guy to fall in love with you no matter how beautiful or mannered you think you are. We may crush on you but that’s not love, love is something totally different from crush. Our love lives are just complicated but at that moment when the love falls in. He can pass through hell for you just to know your happy. No matter how close we get to our friends or besties, we always have you in our hearts.

And funny enough most of us guys learn to trust easily, and we become over confident in the girl we love. And that’s why we hardly get jealous, unless on rare conditions. And the fun part is that we get affected the most during a break up. Even though we tend to cover up everything as men we are. We try to hide our feelings from everyone as though nothing is touching us but deep down our hearts, the pains are unbearable. And another crazy fact there is that after that one day pain and shit like that, the next two days, we forget everything and we move on. While girls spend weeks, sometimes months and some years healing from a heartbreak. While we guys head on in finding someone who will be more better than the previous girl we had.

You do know that, It’s not just the girl that gets the whole attention, care and love. We guys are humans with emotions too. Maybe you complain on the fact that “he doesn’t give me the attention and care I need ”. So let me ask, why can’t you be the one to give the attention and care back. Sometimes we guys, just sit back to watch what would happen when we stop texting or checking up on you or giving you the attention you need. We watch to check if you would be that perfect girlfriend that would be really understandable to return the care and attention to us, treating us like little babies. And that makes you special and unique among all the girls his been with and he can never ever let you go no matter what happens.

Like I said Love is really sweet and romantic to be in. But it comes with its own stress and problem.

Best Quote In Life

Emotions are said to be a wide range of feelings that controls who we are and who we want to become. But sometimes this little actions we’ll take leads to actions that are very disturbing.

Here is a little tip of what life is.

The most destructive habit————— Worry

The greatest Joy——————————— Giving

The greatest loss——————————— Loss of Self-respect

The most Satisfying work——————- Helping Others

The ugliest personality trait—————-Selfishness

The greatest “shot in the arm”————-Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome——Fear

The most effective sleeping pill———–Peace of Mind

The most crippling failure disease——Excuses

The most powerful force in life———–Love

The most dangerous act———————–Gossip

The world’s most incredible computer- The Brain

The worst thing to be without————–Hope

The deadliest weapon—————————The Tongue

The two most power-filled words——— I Can

The greatest asset———————————–Faith

The most worthless emotion——————Self Pity

The most beautiful attire———————— Smile

The most priced possession——————– Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication– Prayer

The most contagious spirit———————–Enthusiasm

Fun fact you must know.

LIFE ends after you stop DREAMING
HOPE stop when you stop BELIEVING
LOVE ends when you stop CARING
FRIENDSHIP ends when you stop SHARING

All this you must know happens around you daily, in and out. You have the choice to choose what and who you want to become. No one controls your destiny and your life.

Back in the days.

The best part of being a child is doing things and not giving a damn in doing them. We all passed through our little times as a child right from the time we were in our mum’s womb. You see some of us, we are very stubborn. Our stubbornness didn’t start today oh, it started from the womb. When you will be kicking anyhow. Then during childbirth, you come with another problem. To the extent they are forced in dragging your big head from the womb but still you won’t still come out. It is seen that most children are seen giving the fuck you finger from birth which is very disturbing.

Come to think of it. In Nigeria, children of this age will really miss out the fun part of childhood cos technology has taken over the world. You can imagine a child of three years with an ipad already. But back in the days when life was sweet. We played with natural elements like the sand and water. We improvised toys to be used as fun. We run under the rain to either play football or running around. We picked up used stuff and filled it up with sand to practice buying and selling. We played hide and seek, we even pretended to be some of the popular superheroes in movies like power rangers, superman, wonder woman and the rest. We listened to the stories of our mothers and great mothers who told us about the ancient ways and fun cooked up stories which most times traumatized us all through our lives. You could imagine at the age of six, you were told that if you walked into the bathroom without slippers, your legs will fall off. Funny enough right, but I had to grow with that till I became matured enough and reasoned. What the heck!?.

Even the part of being sent on an errand then your mum spits on the floor and says, “ if this saliva on the ground should dry before your return, your intestines will fall off ”. All this scared the hell from us, and due to our little brains then, we were played like puppets.

But most of us as kids had really really traumatizing experience. Like mine for instance. I was just a little boy of six full of life and no worries, then suddenly at nights I started waking up around midnight to notice a creepy cat staring at me from the window. I’m not saying I’m a cat hater. But heck it scared the shit out of me. I took that as nothing and went to bed shivering.

The following night I woke up again not knowing why but couldn’t sleep. And then something tempted me to have a glance on what’s going on outside. And as I looked it happened. This would sound funny but i can’t tell if I was hallucinating or what, saw a group of cats walking in circles and at that moment I dared to look at them, they all looked at me which made me fall for I couldn’t behold such sights. It was scary. It was as though I was stuck in a 3D horror movie with no way to run. But then I grew up and realized that, cats are totally harmless, most of them.

I could say that everything that happened during your childhood helped build the man or woman you are today. Some of us were raised in broken homes a where the father always hits the mother. And due to psychology, such violence creeps into the minds of the little ones and before you know it, you see them getting angry for no reason hitting people that offends them including the ladies. And later in life when they’re all grown up, they turn out to be like their fathers with such violence. Most of us lived in strict homes which is totally wrong cos one fact you must know is, no matter how strict you think you are to your children, your children will still know and learn the bad things you’ve been avoiding them from knowing and when they finally get to know this, they will become out of control and wide. Even though they have to do it behind your backs and come in your presence pretending to be good and righteous, you can’t just stop it.

The best therapy is to be loving to your children, be open to them, be kind and nice even though they have to do a sort of mistake, you don’t have to brutalize them to be corrected. For in doing so, they will end up hating you and wishing you were gone, which forces them to be wide and uncontrollable. But when you make a child to trust and confide in you, that would be the greatest gift anyone would have given you.

With me, my home wasn’t as perfect as you may think. We had our ups and downs, but as long as there’s love and unity. Everything went smoothly.

The bond of a family is as powerful as anything on earth. If a family should work in unity to attack you. You should be scared to death cos they will surely accomplish such task.

Being a child was fun while it lasted but now, that era is over and a new one is about to begin, in which you have to father or train a child better than the way you were trained.

A short story: Love hurts 💔 by Alex Favour.

I walked through the hallway in school and mistakenly bumped into her. Her books fell as I rushed down to help pick it up. My hands mistakenly touched hers which gave me the goosebumps. ” Get your hands off me freak”, she spoke out. I felt my heart being pierced severally as I never expected such reaction from the girl I’ve ever loved since grade one. She picked her books and pushed me down with her knee leading me to the floor as all eyes watched and laughed. I saw her golden amulet which must have fallen off and hid behind my sleeves.

The bell rang as I went towards her locker to give her back her amulet but she hurriedly covered her ears and left me there speechless. I walked towards her locker and slipped a letter into one of her books as tears fell down my cheeks as the pains grew heavier on me.

At nights, I would cry out the pains for it became so much for me to bear. Loving a girl since my life but she’s never given me back the attention, always treats me like bullshit. I wiped my tears and clutched toward my pillow and slept.

I walked slowly into school as I saw kissing a guy with much passion with her knee clutching toward his dick. ” Wow ” I mumbled as i tried holding the tears within me. My friend’s been shouting at me to move on already. That she clearly doesn’t love me. How could I ever move on, cos she’s the only one in control of my heart, moving on would be impossible. I quickly erased such thoughts as I tried passing by but she began struggling as the guy tries touching her ass but she resisted and tried pulling off. ” Get off me! ” She shouted. I hurriedly ran towards the guy and for a sec my hands got control over me as I punched him hard on the face, I kept on punching the life out from him unleashing all my pains on him. But funny enough she pushed me to the floor and yelled at me calling me all sort of names and finally spat on me. I quickly ran toward the field and screamed out loud as I cried not holding anything back, I cried so much that I fell on my knees hoping to get erased.

” Why! “, I said between tears. ” Why let me pass through this pains all because I chose to love someone with all my life and this how I get paid?!, Tears ran out the more as I sniffed. ” Do me a favour and curse me to stop loving her please… I can’t take this anymore, the humiliation is too much, pleaseee… ” I cried out the more and laid there.

I never knew she followed me and stood there the whole time as I cried out those words. She hurriedly ran into the building as she prevents tears from pouring out. She quickly opened her locker as a book containing the letter I had slipped in the other day fell of. She slowly bent down and brought out the slip as she read.

Hey Stephanie…
This should be the only way I could get to talk to you cos all through my life you’ve been trying to block me off. I’ve had this huge crush on you ever since my entire life and all I wanted is to be by your side cos your presence makes me happy. I can’t really express the way I feel for you but what’s the point, you always busy my line when I call, you don’t text back, you barely notice I’m alive cos clearly you don’t see me the same way, you always make sure I regret ever being in existence and it hurts, it really does. But I see your happy the way you are and your happiness matters a lot. I really love you Stephanie, you’re the only girl to give me a reason to live, you give me a reason to be happy and a reason to always wear a smile on my face… I really hope you find someone who would take care of you, someone who would value you, someone who would make you feel special, loved and unique, I really hope you feel better when I’m gone cos I see no reason anymore to be on this planet. Its better to die off than remaining here with the pains and heartbreaks I keep getting over and over again. If you really feel the same way, catch me on the stone bridge. Goodbye Stephanie.


She covers her mouth as the words pierced through her heart with tears rolling down her cheeks. She hurriedly rushed out of school and saw me.

” Leo!!! ” She screamed stopping my legs from slipping down the bridge towards the stone pointed hills below. I looked and my heart melted with a smile in between my tears as I saw her running toward me. I stepped down as she hugs me tight that I could feel every part of her body. I could feel her tears soak my shirt.

” I haven’t been totally honest with you “, she said as she looks me in the eye with tears filled in her eyes. ” I’ve been having this huge crush on you too but seeing you with the new girl broke me in pieces, you stopped giving me the attention I needed, you stopped caring, you stopped checking up on me, you totally stopped everything and that made me so angry building up this hate within me. But I still loved you so much, everything you’ve seen me doing is to make you jealous and regret ever making me feel that way. I’m really sorry for being such a jerk “, she cried out the more as I grip her so tight towards me and whispered into her ears. ” I’m really sorry baby girl, I really love you with all my heart ” then she kissed me as I kissed back rubbing my hands through her back and griping her closer to my body….


I hope you loved the short story written above. Love can make you do crazy things you’ve never done before. It pushes you over the edge because you can’t bear the pain you’ve been feeling. But holding onto love is like taking a leap of faith which always gets to work out.

I’ll keep you updated on new posts.


Imperfect 💔

No one created on earth is created perfect. No matter how beautiful, mannered and how hot and sexy you think you look, there’s always a glitch in your system that brings out the imperfection in you. You may say, ” No one’s as perfect as I am, I’m the best “, well yeah, you might be the best but your always gonna have à flaw to humble you. Imperfection is a beauty that makes each and every one of us unique in some way.

If a guy whose fault or imperfection is always being among the ladies and this guy falls in love with a girl whose bent on never trusting him. She always complains how he spends his time and attention on other girls. She becomes so insecure about his whereabout. And then she decides to go through his chat with one of the girls his close to and boom she sees what’s she’s been expecting which breaks her heart in pieces. Then she walks up to the guy and shouts at him for being a flirt, then she throws the fact about his imperfection on him never going to change his ways. Well, that’s absolutely so wrong, cos in the view of the guy, he tries to change because she’s the only girl his really given his heart to. He stops going after them, he stops approaching them and he decides minding his business and stays alone all by himself. And now, she walks up to him and throws it all back to his face, telling him how selfish and wicked he is. With all this said, the guys heart gets broken even as he tries explaining how innocent he is, but she just waved him off.

When a guy who was tagged a play boy with the ladies before and decides to finally fall in love with a lady and decides to change on your behalf but instead of the lady helping him to grow and change for the better, you keep reminding him how imperfect he was of him being a play boy and stuff like that. It only shows how wicked and inhumane you can really be. Although your doubts will be there, let’s say he stops calling you or stops giving you the attention you needed but fact is that he may not really be cheating on you. But instead of being understandable by approaching him nicely to ask why, you conclude easily that he doesn’t care, he doesn’t give you much attention you deserve, and stuff like that. How do you really think you can possibly survive in a relationship, if you can’t be an understanding personnel.

You complain about the guy your in love with of being imperfect in some ways but have you ever considered how imperfect you really are. We all have our flaws and guess what?, Instead of the guy being so complaint about your flaws, he decides to keep quiet and help you change for the better by being enduring. While on your own path, you decide to always throw all his flaws back to his face, how do you expect him to feel, all you do think, he doesn’t have feelings too?.

The only key for a successful relationship is ” Trust and Patience “. If your willingly to have this, your relationship might be the sweetest you’ve ever seen. Because trust goes in line with patience which gives you the ability of being confident about the guy your in love with and your zeal of being patient with him no matter how long.

We human beings weren’t born perfect, but that doesn’t mean our imperfection is a hindrance to us. We can still become anything we wish to become. You can make the dumbest relationship that sucks alot to become the sweetest thing you’ve come across on earth. It just determines on your persistence and your will to make it work out.

I learnt a great deal about the scorpion. One significant feature about the scorpion I love the most is it’s will to survive and keep moving no matter the obstacles on its way. Although in our lives and in that of couples, there’s gonna be a great deal of obstacles along the line, but it just determines on your will to keep moving and making a change for the better no matter how hard it’s gonna be.

Press on, keep moving and in no time your gonna see the results

Just learn to trust, persist, endure and love with your whole heart. With this qualities, you can accomplish anything you set your mind on.

Love ❤️

An interesting word. Many at times, when we hear about this mere simple word ” Love “, a lot of things flies through our mind.

Love is the most powerful force througout the universe. It pierces deeper than the sharpest two edged sword. Its a feeling that even the heartless person out there feels when it hits him. No one can withstand this force that bonds tighter than any substance out there.

It is believed that first time lovers are ones who tries ending their lives when the one they loved ain’t there again… there’s this emptiness, this loneliness and this space within your heart.

Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure. An example of this range of meanings is that the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse, which differs from the love of food. Most commonly, love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment.

Down to couples. A single lady or guy out whose never experienced this strong feeling tends to get over whelmed when it strikes. A friend of mine once said ” Nothing can ever make me to fall in love “, but fun fact, love isn’t something that is created, love is an unseen force that hits you anytime, anywhere. You can’t stop love from coming in place. And this couples feels this love, it bonds them so tight that it would be impossible to let go easily. Even after a breakup the feeling still remains, it buries itself down in our hearts. Love brings series of stuff along with it. It brings about care, getting worried, attention, surprises and alot of this with it… It brings about a new whole set of responsibility. But some of us out there think being in love is a game. But it isn’t. And one day we all in this world would fall in love with someone, even though his not really the right guy.

Love makes you to hold onto something that’s unseen, it gives you hope. It brings the impossibility into reality. It makes one wanna cross through fire just to make sure the other is happy and we’ll set.

Love is sweet
Love is nice
Love is great
Love is awesome
Love is cute
Love is patience
Love is comforting
Love is enduring
Love is kind
Love is beautiful
Love is the greatest feeling out there one could ever feel In a lifetime.

No matter what happens along the line, either a breakup or a situation whereby you two have to cut ties. Love always finds a way to bring you two back together. For those who don’t believe in love, your missing out cos love is like faith that works when you hold strong to it. And at the end, it brings a happy ending which lasts for a while.

I hope you find the right person.